The Beau Hunks — Heroes of Hollywood

bh11   Bells I’ve always loved the Beau Hunks in their many incarnations. They are Dutch musicians, who came together to play music from Laurel and Hardy movies. They took their name from a Laurel and Hardy movie of the same title. They have recorded albums of music by Leroy Shield, the composer for the Laurel and Hardy films and for The Little Rascals, music of the somewhat demented Raymond Scott, Ferde Grofe, and other old and neglected/forgotten composers.

bh14   Look At Him Now

One of the many things I didn’t know was that they – Piet Schreuders, Peter Stove, Jan Robjins, Robert Veen, and Menno Daams –  members of the group, collected VHS film clips from the films, assembled the most complete versions of the songs, themes, and filler, and, painstakingly, transcribed this music, so that their orchestra could play it, note for note, and preserve it for all of us. No sheet music existed, no original masters remained, and there were no partial, complete, or documented notes that could be found.

bh8   Little Dancing Girl

Like many, I spent a large chunk of childhood parked in front of the TV. Laurel and Hardy seemed to be on all the time. It appeared they were always in trouble. Or, as Ollie would say, “Here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into.” There were many anxious moments and some of the music reflects this and still retains the ability to make me squirm. It’s visceral. It’s in my bones. It’s Laurel and Hardy PTSD. But I try to avoid those; the rest is so much fun.

bh13   On A Sunny Afternoon

The music takes me back to those days in my own past and to the past that the films inhabit. This beautiful music fed my imagination as a kid, and it continues to do so. The Beau Hunks are responsible and conjure all this and remind me of all those interrelated moments of time, anxious or not.

Dot and Dash







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2 Responses to The Beau Hunks — Heroes of Hollywood

  1. The more I listen, the more I feel like I’m listening to the 78’s on my crank-to-play Victrola!

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