What’s on the Box! – 5.12.15

pushbutton   As Mose says, Look Out! Stand Back! It’s late afternoon, gray clouds bump over the hills, the dog needs to be fed, papers are piling up on the desk, and the tunes are coming at me through the speakers on either side of this screen.

bscobey   Someday Sweetheart   Bob Scobey and Clancy Hayes

4vagas  Hit That Jive, Jack!   The Four Vagabonds

Wait a minute, your name is Jack, isn’t it?

bobbyday   That’s All I Want   Bobby Day and the Satellites

edp   She’s So Heavy!   The Ed Palermo Big Band

tnelson1   Wait, Wait, Wait   Tracy Nelson

Okay. That’s it. Back to matters less weighty, yet more pressing.


About Ted Ringer

I am a writer, artist, and listener. Great music is everywhere and has no limits. Some of it is well-orchestrated and some is short and sweet. It can spring out of a moment of deep feeling or result from long periods of development. Music is communication, inspiration, and a million other things. This blog wants to share the wealth and keep toes tapping.
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One Response to What’s on the Box! – 5.12.15

  1. Richard says:

    So fabulous, Ted. Thank you.

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