Buika – El Ultimo Trago!

buika44  It must be a sign of the ending of the patriarchy.  A single name.  No last name.  Sting, Bjork, Pink, Beck.  Individuals in name and deed.  Liberated from a history they never chose.  Plus, it’s a lot easier to remember.


buika77  Buika is a Spanish singer and songwriter from Mallorca.  She has or had other names, but she doesn’t use them.  She is a singer who is a master of many styles.  Jazz, soul, flamenco, and copla, a form of Spanish popular song.  She was once a Tina Turner impersonator, an experience that helped her understand her strength as a performer and as a woman.


Buika66  Of course, always being years behind the times, I only recently heard her.  She has nine albums out already, but the one I know is called, El Ultimo Trago, and the backup is provided by the great Chuco Valdes.

At one time, her voice was not well appreciated.  “My teacher in the church, we were singing one afternoon, and she was like, ‘Someone is singing like a dog.’ And everybody was looking at me. So I realized it was myself.”  She is certainly no dog.  Her voice, however, can growl, roar, whisper, and do whatever is required to communicate.  It’s dark and husky.  She is dramatic, powerful, and only needs one name.

buika82113She has been compared to Nina Simone, Billie Holliday, and Edith Piaf, but comparisons are only useful in approximation and are usually more informative about the one making the comparison.  Buika is completely her own singer and person.  When she sings, you can feel it.

Cancion De Las Simples

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One Response to Buika – El Ultimo Trago!

  1. thea tenenbaum says:

    Wonderful to be introduced to Buika who I’d never heard of either. What a sexy growl.

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